Egress Windows

Shed Light on Safety and Style with Egress Windows by Superior Windowland As a homeowner, ensuring the safety of your family is always a top priority, and installing egress windows is one way to protect your entire household in case of an emergency, especially a fire. In this article, we'll discuss egress windows in detail, including their purpose, benefits, and code requirements. We'll also take a look at the different types of egress windows available and the factors to consider before installing them. What are Egress Windows? Egress windows are [...]

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Storm Windows

Why Storm Windows Are the Perfect Investment If you want to secure your home against extreme weather conditions, it's essential to have the proper protection to escape significant damage during harsh weather conditions. In this article, we'll explore why the benefits of storm windows make them the perfect investment for your home. What is a Storm Window? A storm window is a secondary window installed on the interior or exterior of an existing window, and they come in various materials, sizes, and styles, making them a versatile and customizable solution [...]

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Single, Double and Triple Pane Windows

A Homeowner's Guide to Single, Double and Triple Pane Windows Are you looking to upgrade the windows in your home but need help knowing which option to choose? For starters, one of the most important considerations is the number of panes in the window because single, double, and triple pane windows all have unique advantages and disadvantages.  This article will explore the differences between these types of windows to help you decide which option is best for your home. What is a Window Pane? A window pane is a transparent [...]

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What to Do When a Window Won’t Open or Close in Your Home

As a homeowner, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to open or close a window and finding that it won't budge. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also pose a severe safety hazard in an emergency.  If you're struggling with a window that won't open or close, don't panic. Here are some common reasons why windows get stuck, a few tips on how to get a window unstuck, and what makes Superior Windowland the right choice for all your window repair needs. Common Reasons Why Windows Won’t Open [...]

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Benefits, Pros and Cons of Soundproofing Windows

In an increasingly congested world, noise pollution is becoming more severe by the day. Either too much external clamor is invading homes and offices, or too much sound is escaping to the outside world. The latter is particularly troubling when sensitive information is involved and privacy concerns are at stake. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of soundproofing windows, how they work, their pros and cons, and different methods for soundproofing a home. Why Soundproof Your Windows? People who live in busy urban areas or near busy roads may [...]

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The Smart Choice: Energy-Efficient Windows for a Greener Home

Energy-efficient windows are a wise investment for homeowners who want to reduce their heating and cooling costs. During the hot and humid summer months, the intense heat can make you uncomfortable and leave you exhausted.  Energy-efficient windows are made with quality materials and cutting-edge technology, making them the perfect solution for transforming your home into a more comfortable and energy-saving space, especially in regions with extreme climates.  What Are Energy-Efficient Windows? Energy-Efficient Windows are designed to reduce heat transfer from the outside environment into the home and vice versa. They [...]

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Vinyl Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

  Vinyl windows are a much sought-after solution for homeowners who want to enhance the comfort and style of their living space. They are durable, energy-efficient, and available in an array of stylish designs and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect window for your home that matches your taste and aesthetic preferences. This article will examine vinyl windows, their benefits, the different types of vinyl replacement windows, and why Vinyl Windows by Superior Windowland is the superior choice. What Is a Vinyl Window? Vinyl windows are windows crafted from [...]

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Now is the time to upgrade your windows!

I.R.A. (Inflation Reduction Act) Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Windows In August 2022, the U.S. Government signed the Inflation Reduction Act, a comprehensive piece of legislation that, among other things, expands the Tax Credits for energy-efficient home improvements, and that includes window replacement. That means that besides enjoying energy savings, increased comfort, and property value when you install new ENERGY STAR-rated windows, you can now get a bigger refund when you file your taxes. According to the Okna Windows Website, “energy-efficient choices can save families about a third on their energy [...]

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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

In our previous post, we discussed Storm Windows and the minimal role they play in curbing energy losses for homes with modern double and triple-paned ENERGY STAR-rated windows. We also suggested that if your home already has energy-efficient windows, your money will be better spent elsewhere, and that includes energy-efficient window treatments.  The modern energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent heat transfer to the glass pane, and they have a coating that filters out UV rays to prevent the sunlight from overheating the rooms indoors.  Yet, even energy-efficient windows can [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Storm Windows

We often get calls from customers asking about storm windows, which leads us to conclude that there is indeed a lot of confusion on the subject.  While we do not sell or install storm windows, we will try to clarify the matter in this blog post by answering some of the most common questions. What are storm windows? Storm windows are window “shields” installed outside existing windows. Their purpose is to add an extra layer of wind and thermal protection to a home, especially in older houses with older windows. [...]

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The Case for Energy-Efficient Windows.

Thinking about window replacement? The typical single-pane, clear window is usually a thermal hole in any building envelope. According to the UMass Amherst | Department of Environmental Conservation, “most are 10 times less energy efficient than the wall area they replace. An average home may lose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows.” That means that without energy-efficient windows, you are paying substantially higher energy bills. Energy-efficient windows are an investment that tends to pay for itself in 2 to 10 years in energy savings alone, but they [...]

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The problem with sweaty windows

  Condensation on the interior of windows is something very common, and can quickly become a hassle, especially when the water starts to drip onto drywall and furniture, leading to mold growth. Condensation happens because of temperature differences between the outside and the inside of your home, and even the best brands, most well-insulated, sealed, and installed windows can eventually show signs of condensation. This video by Renewals by Andersen explains well the process   Dealing with sweaty windows, year-round There are a few improvements and lifestyle changes [...]

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Energy Savings Through the Roof

The scoop on energy-efficient, cool roofing With the soaring fuel prices, homeowners are beginning to consider the idea of investing in energy-saving home improvements to save on the ever-increasing energy bills. From newer Energy Star-Rated HVAC units and appliances to energy-efficient windows, homeowners are in search of the projects that will bring them the most bang for the buck. And that brings us to today's topic. Energy-efficient roofing. A lot of energy waste can happen through your attic and roof, especially if your HVAC ducts run through the attic. A [...]

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