Single hung windows are very common so many people already know how they operate. The window has two glass panels positioned vertically and only one operating sash – the bottom sash is functional while the top sash is fixed.


The Benefits Of Single-Hung Windows

If you’re in the market for new windows for your Connecticut home, it is important to do a little research to figure out which style is right for you. Today, we are focusing on the single-hung window design. Then, you’ll be able to compare and contrast these units with other windows to decide which one is perfect for you structure.

Energy Efficient Windows

Single-hung windows let fresh air inside, and because they have fewer moving parts, there are fewer chances of leaks developing. As such, new single-hung windows are energy efficient. Single-hung windows replacement can help the climate inside your home remain comfortable at all times.

what are single hung windows

Often Cheaper To Order And Install

What is the most common type of vertical slider? You guessed it. It’s the single-hung window. These tried-and-true options have been around for what feels like forever. Therefore, products and brands are plentiful. These solutions are usually cheaper that double-hung windows. Thus, many homeowner select them because they are easier on their budgets. So, if your primary goal is not to break the bank, call in a company that offers single-hung window replacement in Connecticut.

Easier To Install

Another reason to choose single-hung windows is they are normally easier to install than other window types. In turn, that’s less labor required on the part of a professional installer for your installation, and the savings will get passed along to you. Or, what if you decide to take a do-it-yourself installation approach? You’re probably going to want to pick products that aren’t going to each your lunch.

Single-hung windows have fewer moving parts than double-hung windows. Thus, it may be best to select them for a simpler home improvement project. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide what kind of windows to install.


Disadvantage of Single-Hung Windows

According to some consumers, single-hung windows have various drawbacks too. So, be sure to look at the pros and cons before purchasing products. For instance, one complaint individuals have is that single-hung windows are harder to clean than double-hung windows. That’s because both sashes on the latter can tilt, and there’s no need for a ladder.

Meanwhile, others don’t prefer single-hung options because they’re challenging to repair. For example, if the top glass breaks on such a window, a professional technician will have to replace the entire window. If you can’t put up with these disadvantages, then you should consider installing double-hung windows.
Keep these things in mind to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting in your new windows. The last thing you need is to be unhappy with the outcome.

Are you ready for new single-hung windows for your home in Connecticut and surrounding areas? If that’s the case, Superior Windowland has you covered. Contact us for a free estimate today.