Condensation on the interior of windows is something very common, and can quickly become a hassle, especially when the water starts to drip onto drywall and furniture, leading to mold growth.

Condensation happens because of temperature differences between the outside and the inside of your home, and even the best brands, most well-insulated, sealed, and installed windows can eventually show signs of condensation.

This video by Renewals by Andersen explains well the process


Dealing with sweaty windows, year-round

There are a few improvements and lifestyle changes that you can Implement to prevent interior condensation on windows

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are less likely to sweat because there is a layer of air between the glass panes that insulates the interior pane.

Drapes and Blinds

Keep them open when the temperatures outside are drastically different from the inside. This will prevent moist air from getting trapped between the windows and the dressings.

Turn your thermostat

Try to turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees during the summer or down during the winter. The idea is to decrease the temperature differences without making your home uncomfortable.

 Mind the air circulation

Keep your interior doors open so the air can circulate. Ceiling fans can help boost air circulation

Bring down the Relative Humidity Levels

The higher the moisture levels in your indoor air, the higher the chances for condensation. Start by looking for and eliminating indoor air moisture sources.

  • Turn on kitchen and bathroom exhausts
  • Make sure your clothes dryer and other combustion appliances are venting to the outside, and that the vents are clean of lint and other debris.
  • Use a portable dehumidifier, or better yet, install a whole-house dehumidifier.
  • If you use a humidifier during the winter months, make sure it is away from your windows and that you allow the moist air to circulate evenly around the house with a ceiling fan. Turn it down when the weather outside gets colder.

As you can see, you do not have to live with sweaty windows when simple and inexpensive changes can help to substantially improve the situation.

If your windows are too old or leaky to be fixed, you can always count on Superior Windowland to replace them. Just give us a call to schedule a visit and a free estimate!