We often get calls from customers asking about storm windows, which leads us to conclude that there is indeed a lot of confusion on the subject.  While we do not sell or install storm windows, we will try to clarify the matter in this blog post by answering some of the most common questions.

What are storm windows?

Storm windows are window “shields” installed outside existing windows. Their purpose is to add an extra layer of wind and thermal protection to a home, especially in older houses with older windows.

Do I need storm windows?

It all depends on how old your home is, what kind of windows are there, and how well installed and air sealed they were. Newer homes or homes that recently had their windows replaced with newer, energy-efficient windows, with double or triple panes, usually do not need storm windows. Provided of course that they were properly installed, insulated, and air sealed, so there will be no air leakages around the window frame. You can use the money you would spend on storm windows to purchase energy-efficient window treatments instead.

If your home is older and all your windows are single-paned, you might benefit from a storm window, again, provided that the old window was properly installed and air sealed. A storm window will not help with leaky window frames.

Storm Windows or Window Replacement?

If you are, however, looking for a quicker payoff on your investment, we would strongly suggest that you consider replacing all your old windows, for several reasons that go beyond the energy savings. New windows increase curb appeal and home value. Home buyers look favorably at homes with newer, energy-efficient windows. In Connecticut, you may qualify for up to $100 per window rebate if you replace them with ENERGY STAR-rated, triple-pane windows.

How about energy savings? The Department of Energy estimates that you can save $125 to $465 per year just by installing them!

At Superior Windowland we offer the best brands of energy-efficient windows, expertly installed by our trained professionals. And we also offer financing options with payment options to fit your needs and budget. Just call us at (203) 987-4447 for an in-home inspection and FREE estimate!