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Snow Removal In Fairfield County

Residential & Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall can often result in damage to your roof, or even cause it to collapse. If your home takes on more than 2 feet of snow, you should have the snow removed to avoid any potential damage.

Residential Roof Snow Removal Fairfield & Brookfield

Depending on the amount of ice mixed in the snow, a cubic foot of snow can weigh between 10 - 60 pounds. Clearing snow off your rooftop is not an easy task.

Snow and ice build-up on a roof has the potential to cause even more problems when it starts to melt. Water seepage can cause issues with the roof's structure, as well as destroy gutters, insulation, ceilings, and your home's interior.

If you have a large accumulation of snow on your roof, call Superior Windowland for a free removal estimate!

We perform snow removal services in Connecticut, NYC & Long Island, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dam Prevention Brookfield | Southbury | 203-270-9829

An Ice Dam is a water build up behind a wall of ice. These can form in gutters and spouts, blocking the flow of water through them. Ice Dams are often created as hot air escapes the house through the attic, causing snow on the edge of the rooftop to melt first.

If you start seeing ice dams forming around the edge of your rooftop, it is likely caused by poor insulation in your home. Chances are, you are spending more than you should be to heat your home as the heat is escaping through leaks in your attic. It's imperative that you prevent ice dams and stop heat loss in your home.

Contact Superior Windowland today for a free estimate on attic and roof insulation! You may want to start with our professional snow removal service, but consider upgrading your insulation as well to prevent future ice dams. Either way, don't hesitate to give us a call at (203) 948-7770!

How Ice Dams Form | Fairfield & Brookfield

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