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The problem with sweaty windows

  Condensation on the interior of windows is something very common, and can quickly become a hassle, especially when the water starts to drip onto drywall and furniture, leading to mold growth. Condensation happens because of temperature differences between the outside and the inside of your home, and even the best brands, most well-insulated, sealed, and installed windows can eventually show signs of condensation. This video by Renewals by Andersen explains well the process   Dealing with sweaty windows, year-round There are a few improvements and lifestyle changes [...]

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Energy Savings Through the Roof

The scoop on energy-efficient, cool roofing With the soaring fuel prices, homeowners are beginning to consider the idea of investing in energy-saving home improvements to save on the ever-increasing energy bills. From newer Energy Star-Rated HVAC units and appliances to energy-efficient windows, homeowners are in search of the projects that will bring them the most bang for the buck. And that brings us to today's topic. Energy-efficient roofing. A lot of energy waste can happen through your attic and roof, especially if your HVAC ducts run through the attic. A [...]

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